SUV or Minivan

  If you are in the market for a new car for your growing family, then odds are you are faced with the SUV vs. Minivan debate? It is an undeniable fact that it can be very difficult to choose between the two, particularly because they have some striking differences. Which is right for your… Read More

Crystal bowl player Darren Austin Hall

“Our culture uses music as entertainment, primarily. And that’s a perversity.” Darren Austin Hall, a singer, crystal bowl player and one of a few “sound healing” practitioners in Toronto, believes American music should move away from being a spectator sport and return to its ancient roots as a communal experience. Sure, American pop culture can… Read More

Black and White Photographs

Do you think that black and white photographs were a part of the process of preserving human evolutionary period? With advancements in technology, black & white photography became over-shadowed by the luster of color photography. It became a part of museums and history books. However, the ability to capture details of texture and lighting in… Read More

Underbelly Arts where eating books, dumpster diving, growing plants in suitcases and screaming at strangers is aok. Um… so what is it I hear you ask. Well, it’s held on Cockatoo Island and has a  10-day residency The Lab, which is a chance to watch experimental art unfold, followed by the 1 day festival to… Read More

Between chilling pool-side with Ty Segall and trolling the streets of Memphis for Gonerfest, you might describe local photographer Ivy Lovell as “embedded” in garage rock. She’s right in that scene like HST was with the Hells, and no doubt has a story to tell. So in her book The League Yearbook, you’re getting an… Read More

You might notice our third annual Bands to Watch list has taken a stylistic turn from previous years. While Toronto’s rock and punk scenes mature, the electronic music and hip hop coming out of our cultural patchwork is impossible to ignore (see: the 2011 success of Austra, Azari & III, The Weeknd and Drake). A… Read More

The last time we heard from Soft Copy, it was with their 2010 full-length Vicious Modernism. The record was a good one, with plenty of anthemic lyrics about life, love and the slow decay of our economic and political systems. Heavy shit, and Soft Copy wrapped these tough-love messages in a swirling mix of pop-hooks,… Read More


LARGER-than-life entertainer Maria Venuti will celebrate her 70th birthday tomorrow. Venuti, who is often in Melbourne when there is a big event, is also celebrating another milestone — 50 years in show business. From working with Graham Kennedy, performing on Bandstand and with Mike Walsh, and starring in Fat Pizza and countless cabaret shows, Venuti… Read More

The Republic of Colombia is a large country that is full of contrasts. We will here cover a wide range of information that might interest you in your research or while planning a trip. Understanding a little of its history, might make your trip more understanding. Practical Information Especially if you’re thinking of staying in… Read More

There were feathers, a very naughty Mickey mouse snorting giant lines, a Disney movie routine, sexy firemen, dancers being thrown into the air, magic tricks, tea bag nipple tassels and a whole lot of naughty, sexy and saultry burlesque dancers. It was a pageant style competition complete with sashes and giant, sparkling crowns, run by… Read More