Crystal bowl player Darren Austin Hall

“Our culture uses music as entertainment, primarily. And that’s a perversity.” Darren Austin Hall, a singer, crystal bowl player and one of a few “sound healing” practitioners in Toronto, believes American music should move away from being a spectator sport and return to its ancient roots as a communal experience. Sure, American pop culture can… Read More

You might notice our third annual Bands to Watch list has taken a stylistic turn from previous years. While Toronto’s rock and punk scenes mature, the electronic music and hip hop coming out of our cultural patchwork is impossible to ignore (see: the 2011 success of Austra, Azari & III, The Weeknd and Drake). A… Read More

The last time we heard from Soft Copy, it was with their 2010 full-length Vicious Modernism. The record was a good one, with plenty of anthemic lyrics about life, love and the slow decay of our economic and political systems. Heavy shit, and Soft Copy wrapped these tough-love messages in a swirling mix of pop-hooks,… Read More