There were feathers, a very naughty Mickey mouse snorting giant lines, a Disney movie routine, sexy firemen, dancers being thrown into the air, magic tricks, tea bag nipple tassels and a whole lot of naughty, sexy and saultry burlesque dancers. It was a pageant style competition complete with sashes and giant, sparkling crowns, run by the talented Jac Bowie, with Cam Hot August Knight as the always funny and always wrong mc.

Held at the Enmore theatre, we were luckily very close to the stage so we had a great view. Miss Burlesque Australia 2011 had the best Burlesque acts I’ve ever seen. They were so varied and most involved parody, which proper burlesque performances should have. These performers were not afraid to laugh at themselves and had clearly spent a great deal of time rehearsing their performances and making props and costumes. If only this much effort were put into each and every performance! I know that financially this is impossible, but it’s a great fantasy to have. Each routine and costume takes a lot of time and labour into creating. From first hand experience helping a friend to stitch sequins onto a corset, I can say that it’s time consuming work!

I agreed completely with the judge’s decision of the winners. One of the Miss Burlesque wild cards: The Strawberry Siren, came third, whose routines were absolutely sexy, Miss Burlesque Victoria 2011 – Kelly Ann Doll came second, who the crowd went absolutely wild for and Sina King, another wildcard won the grand title. All three winners ended up being from Victoria. Sina King was a whole 60 points ahead and in my opinion definitely deserved to win. She had magic tricks to swap from one costume to the next, old world glamour mixed up with some modern dominatrix style outfits (where you could see that she won Ralph Magazine’s swimsuit model of the year award) and a great sense of humour. Everything burlesque should be, even if it went for 6 hours! Yes, you heard me right! It’s great to see that Australia’s Burlesque scene has grown up.


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