LARGER-than-life entertainer Maria Venuti will celebrate her 70th birthday tomorrow.

Venuti, who is often in Melbourne when there is a big event, is also celebrating another milestone — 50 years in show business.

From working with Graham Kennedy, performing on Bandstand and with Mike Walsh, and starring in Fat Pizza and countless cabaret shows, Venuti is one of the entertainment industry’s true survivors.

She has just released her autobiography, A Whole Load of Front, and will have a big birthday bash for Variety in Sydney next week to celebrate.

“I’m calling it my LXX birthday,” she said.

“I’m coming out, darling, and saying I feel good and sexy at 70.”

Some memorable highlights of the 50 years in showbusiness for Venuti include entertaining the troops with Rolf Harris in the Sinai Desert in the 1980s, locking eyes with Frank Sinatra at a party, and the time when Graham Kennedy invited her to his desk after she had sung a song on IMT and gave her his endorsement by poking “my right one” as she puts it.

The book is a legacy of everything that makes Venuti so colourful.

“That’s what I’m proud of, darling,” she said.

“That’s why I’m singing from the rooftop, shouting out loud.”