Between chilling pool-side with Ty Segall and trolling the streets of Memphis for Gonerfest, you might describe local photographer Ivy Lovell as “embedded” in garage rock. She’s right in that scene like HST was with the Hells, and no doubt has a story to tell.

So in her book The League Yearbook, you’re getting an insider’s view of not only Toronto’s growing scene but also U.S. hot spots like New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Austin with “various photos of friends from cottages and all over.” Like a cross section of her bloglast year.

“The book is meant to highlight my passion for live music, but the  inclusion of non-band photos strives to bring it all back home … I wanted to make it personal,” says Lovell, the resident photographer at The Shop – that awesome dungeon of a show space under Parts & Labour – and former Sonic Boom employee.

Lovell deserves a lot of credit, as she’s the one at every local garage punk show being pushed around amongst a lot of testosterone, blood and sweat, and enduring the pits up so we can see what the hell happened up front.