SUV or Minivan


If you are in the market for a new car for your growing family, then odds are you are faced with the SUV vs. Minivan debate? It is an undeniable fact that it can be very difficult to choose between the two, particularly because they have some striking differences. Which is right for your growing family? Which is more useful? Which is more attractive?

Although no one can make the decision for you, we’ve compiled this article to help make that decision easier for you. We’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of both options to help anyone who is on the fence about the best family car for them.


Sliding doors: minivans have sliding doors that open at the press of a button, which is a major advantage when loading stuff or whenever your hands are tied up. In addition, you will see the full picture when the doors open so you don’t have to worry about children accidentally hitting the next vehicle in the parking lot once they open the door.

More seating space: Although many SUVs come with an optional third row, minivans seem to have larger third rows that can accommodate 7 to 8 people comfortably.  ( click here  for more info)
Seating options: minivans have a folding seat option for more cargo space in the back, and can be configured easily to get children in and out of their seats easily or any other configurations can be made depending on your family’s needs.

Storage: with the flexible seats, the minivans can fit a lot of stuff. The minivans can carry a lot of stuff when you need to carry bulky items or get your kids to school.

Gas mileage: you will probably get superior gas mileage with a minivan compared to a similar-sized SUV due to their carlike engine and chassis.

More comfortable entry height: getting into the minivan is easier and more comfortable with a minivan – a lower height that doesn’t require stepping up or stooping down.


Avoid minivan stigma: some people love to hate the minivan simply because they don’t want the psychological stigma associated with a minivan. On the other hand, an SUV looks and feels cool and sporty.

Larger engine: practically, SUVs have a larger engine than minivans and include diesels, V8s and hybrid engines that are not only functional for hauling a large number of people and their cargo, but also they can be used to tow. SUVS can tow jet skis, boats, trailers and so on.

Four Wheel Drive: SUVs are typically 4WD vehicles which can perform extremely well in virtually all conditions.

Variety: you’ll find a huge selection of SUVs in the market to choose from. If you need a minivan, however, you are limited to just a few options.

How to Choose

All in all, the debate Minivan or SUV for big family boils down to tastes and preferences. Big families need a vehicle that can comfortably haul six or more people and their belongings. Although each family will need to weigh the pros and cons of each vehicle based on their needs, it is important to research which car fits your family best, and then take the time to test drive each of them for a day before making the final decision.